Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Wonderful Women Christmas Party.

Last night was the Wonderful Women Christmas party. I was exited about this as between working alone and working in the pub it's years since I've had a party to go to. 

Early on we decided we wanted to see some Christmas jumpers on the night so this helped motivate me to finish mine! 

 Here is me and Lizzi from Betty Blue's Loungerie she got that amazing jumper from etsy. 

ReeRee our organiser and Rockalilly owner and Pip of Pip Jolley Jewellery in amazing matching jumpers. 

We also did a secret Santa so we all left with a little something.

I couldn't have got a more appropriate gift! I got the Betty Blues bag and inside was some tea and a tea cup to help me make decisions! 

I'm a huge tea lover and got it out this morning, here it is next to my little tea pot, isn't it cute.