Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A weekend of stalls

So as I told you my weekend kicked off with a stall at the London Rollergirls. I've never been before so it was all very exiting, I had a really good view from my stall though even with a program telling me how it all works I still got a little lost!
I have to say those ladies are pretty brave, I love the idea of the rollerskating but the actual derby is a bit brutal. The London Brawling team lost fairly heavily 49-228 to Rocky Mountain but they put up a hell of a fight.

I took my new hip flask with me with some lovely home made damson gin in it, it went down rather well! 

Saturday was much more sedate, I arrived at the Boogaloo to find this little kitty sat in the garden. 

You never know what markets in pubs are going to be like and august is always hit and miss and although the day was quite I got to meet some lovely people and was made very welcome by the organisers. 

After all that I had a chilled out day and Sunday and am now getting ready for my next stall with the Crafty Fox Pop Up Market at the Thames Festival, you can see details on the facebook page here, on the Thames festival site and the Crafty Fox Blog.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Busy weekend

Tonight I  am very exited to be doing a stall at the London Brawling Vs Rocky Mountain Rollergirls. It's totally different from the type of things I normally do so we will see how it goes. 

Tomorrow I am back at my more usual style of event at the Dandy Lion Market at The Boogaloo in Kentish Town


I'll get some pics and let you know how they both went. 

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A big Hat day!

On Sunday I headed off to the Wonderful Women Minding Our Own Business meeting, it was an amazing sunny day and I felt the need to for my big hat. I made it many years ago and it comes out every summer! 


Our meeting was on time management and was very helpful for me, as this is an area where I could use a lot of improvement! 
As usual we met somewhere that does cocktails and look, mine came in a barrel!