Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A big Hat day!

On Sunday I headed off to the Wonderful Women Minding Our Own Business meeting, it was an amazing sunny day and I felt the need to for my big hat. I made it many years ago and it comes out every summer! 


Our meeting was on time management and was very helpful for me, as this is an area where I could use a lot of improvement! 
As usual we met somewhere that does cocktails and look, mine came in a barrel!


  1. Love the big hat. Loving your dark curls even more! Wow, such a different look. And a cocktail that comes in a barrel...result! Blimey- did you fall over after drinking all that?
    That group sounds like a really good, supportive idea.
    Hope you are well...sorry, I have been very lax in commenting on your blog. The jewellery looks great and it seems like you've been enjoying Life to the full!
    Z xx

  2. Thanks, good to hear from you. I died my hair recently and I'm loving the darker colour. x