Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Wonderful Women Christmas Party.

Last night was the Wonderful Women Christmas party. I was exited about this as between working alone and working in the pub it's years since I've had a party to go to. 

Early on we decided we wanted to see some Christmas jumpers on the night so this helped motivate me to finish mine! 

 Here is me and Lizzi from Betty Blue's Loungerie she got that amazing jumper from etsy. 

ReeRee our organiser and Rockalilly owner and Pip of Pip Jolley Jewellery in amazing matching jumpers. 

We also did a secret Santa so we all left with a little something.

I couldn't have got a more appropriate gift! I got the Betty Blues bag and inside was some tea and a tea cup to help me make decisions! 

I'm a huge tea lover and got it out this morning, here it is next to my little tea pot, isn't it cute. 

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A weekend of stalls

So as I told you my weekend kicked off with a stall at the London Rollergirls. I've never been before so it was all very exiting, I had a really good view from my stall though even with a program telling me how it all works I still got a little lost!
I have to say those ladies are pretty brave, I love the idea of the rollerskating but the actual derby is a bit brutal. The London Brawling team lost fairly heavily 49-228 to Rocky Mountain but they put up a hell of a fight.

I took my new hip flask with me with some lovely home made damson gin in it, it went down rather well! 

Saturday was much more sedate, I arrived at the Boogaloo to find this little kitty sat in the garden. 

You never know what markets in pubs are going to be like and august is always hit and miss and although the day was quite I got to meet some lovely people and was made very welcome by the organisers. 

After all that I had a chilled out day and Sunday and am now getting ready for my next stall with the Crafty Fox Pop Up Market at the Thames Festival, you can see details on the facebook page here, on the Thames festival site and the Crafty Fox Blog.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Busy weekend

Tonight I  am very exited to be doing a stall at the London Brawling Vs Rocky Mountain Rollergirls. It's totally different from the type of things I normally do so we will see how it goes. 

Tomorrow I am back at my more usual style of event at the Dandy Lion Market at The Boogaloo in Kentish Town


I'll get some pics and let you know how they both went. 

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A big Hat day!

On Sunday I headed off to the Wonderful Women Minding Our Own Business meeting, it was an amazing sunny day and I felt the need to for my big hat. I made it many years ago and it comes out every summer! 


Our meeting was on time management and was very helpful for me, as this is an area where I could use a lot of improvement! 
As usual we met somewhere that does cocktails and look, mine came in a barrel!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

A bit 30's outfit post

Yay, I have my camera back so I can get going on some outfit posts for you. 
My friend gave me a bit of a hair cut this week so I decided to have a go at doing some really tight curls so make my hair look really short, I'm rally happy with the outcome. 

Top- new look
 Trousers- Topshop

Friday, 29 July 2011

Southbank and A Hummingbird

I took a trip to Vintage at the Southbank today, not to see the bands, I can't afford the ticket, but you can get into the market area for free.

I was going really to show my support for some friends that have stalls there this weekend. 
Lady Go Red and Kate Underdown Millinery are well worth a visit if you are free at all over the weekend.

Sorry for the dodgy quality of these pics. These are some of my favourite of the millinery delights on offer. 

 This one is by Kate Underdown Millinery you can find her on facebook here

 This one Lady Go Red and her facebook is here

Another friend who is there is Frocks That Rock.Who have some amazing vintage goodies up for sale.

I hope the weekend goes well for them all. 
I was very well behaved and kept my looking around to a minimum and only bought one top that was cheap.

I also wanted to show you some new little birdie fascinators that are in my etsy shop this week. 

Click on the pics to go to the listings. 

Hope you have a lovely weekend. 

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A Slightly Damp Chap!

 On Saturday I ventured out in the rain to go to The Chap Olympiad, I have to say at there were a few times at the begining of the day when we thought we would pop off to a nice dry pub but we stuck it out and eventualy the sun even came out to dry us off.
 As ever I need to improve on the photo taking so you only get 3!

Here is the lovely Reeree Rockette Of Rockalilly under her brolly!

Despite the weather, much fun was had, and much wine drunk, I even danced. There were some amazing outfits and I get to meet some lovely people from on line in real life.

All credits on this pic go to Reeree and you can see her blog post on the day here.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Outfit post.

I had a lovely lady stop me on the street today and tell me I look lovely so I have decided to do you some outfit posts. My house is a nightmare for finding places to take photos but I'll try my best. 

I have my hair in fake bangs and a headscarf on. 
Top - primark 

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Swing For Skin. Ships Ahoy!

I had a fabulous night on Saturday on the HMS Belfast at a The Swing For Skin Charity night organised by DEBRA and the amazing Melissa aka Queenjelly


I got to wear the suit I made in my dress making class some time ago, it took me a long time and  a lot of effort went into it so it was good to give it an outing! 

I wore the felt hat I blogged about making a while ago, and I must say it got plenty of compliments. 

We took the opportunity to look round the ship and this chap scared me at least twice hiding in a corner so I thought it only polite to get my pic taken with him!

 This is me and my friend posing at the front of the ship, it was really quite windy!

There was entertainment from the Polka Dot Dolls  and the Lipstick and Curls ladies were on hand to do your hair and make up and a raffle with amazing prises. As ever I get to carried away drinking and meeting all sorts of lovely people that I forgot to take many photos! 

All in all it was a fab night and I got to put some faces to twitter names and meet some bloggers in real life witch is always lovely. There is talk of them doing a 50s night next year and I'll definitely be there. 

 I was also luck enough to be commissioned to make Melissa a hat for the evening and here are some slightly dodgy photos of it I took before I gave it to her. Unfortunately the wind on the night proved too much for it and Mel had to take it off so I don't have any photos of her waring it but she looked lovely all the same. 

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Briar Rose Vintage Knitting

As you may know I have been doing the knit along with the lovely By Gum By Golly and this week I finished the Briar Rose jumper, I'm so pleased, you cant really see in the pics but the yarn has a very subtle sparkle to it. It fits really well and the pocket so so cute.

You can see how everyone is doing on our flicker page.

Monday, 9 May 2011

My vintage Hat purchases.

As previously promised, here are the hats I bought on my little day trip, the first has some of the most amazing coloured feathers on it I have ever seen, non of my pics truly do it justice. The shape is very 60's and not at all me but I couldn't resit such amazing feathers.

And now for some silly pics of me in it! 

 The second is a 50's hat, the shape is lovely and being plain black I can trim it to go with all sorts. 

It doesn't photograph very well against my hair, but I ave the classic shape.