Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A Slightly Damp Chap!

 On Saturday I ventured out in the rain to go to The Chap Olympiad, I have to say at there were a few times at the begining of the day when we thought we would pop off to a nice dry pub but we stuck it out and eventualy the sun even came out to dry us off.
 As ever I need to improve on the photo taking so you only get 3!

Here is the lovely Reeree Rockette Of Rockalilly under her brolly!

Despite the weather, much fun was had, and much wine drunk, I even danced. There were some amazing outfits and I get to meet some lovely people from on line in real life.

All credits on this pic go to Reeree and you can see her blog post on the day here.

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