Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I'm famouse!

Well in the borough of Lewisham any way!
Me and some friends run a knitting group in my local pub and were recently approached by our local council magazine for an interview and somehow I ended up on the cover! I'm no model and it was a really odd experience. The cover pic was taken in the street because the light wasn't right inside! The magazine is distributed for free round lewisham and if we'd only been in the mag and not on the cover no one would know as know as I'm not sure anyone actually reads it, but as it is all my friends have been texting me to say they got home and found me staring up at them from there door mat!


  1. Hey, you kept your fame quiet!! not a bad pic!! Do you think you will be innundated with manic knitters?

  2. We may, this wednesday will tell!

  3. oh hello! thanks for following! I havent seen my lewisham life yet but will look out for it! i live in brockley and didnt know about your knitting group! where is it and how often etc!!! Do you crochet too? very excited!