Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Lomo Lubilel

Quite some time ago I picked up an old Lubital on e bay really cheep, it's a lovely thing and even has it's original case. It arrived and seemed to be in full working order, the only problem is the I have no idea how to use a medium format twin lens camera! So a few weeks ago I went on a little course at the london Lomo shop/gallery for there Lubitel 166+ and although mine is much older they work the same. 

The course includes the use of a camera for the evening and a film, plus a discount on the processing. The people at the gallery were lovely, and gave us a little lesson in the basics of the camera and the sent us out into the surrounding areas to have a play.  

It was dark and don't think I quite got my light settings right but it gave me the confidence to have a go.  Feel free to go over to my flickr and have a look at more.

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