Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A little day trip

As I'm getting better I decided to take a little day trip to Lancaster to go and visit The Assembly rooms market. I went to collage in Lancaster and it was this market that keep my love of vintage alive and I was really pleased to find it is still open.

The building is owned by the council and is rented out to all sorts of stall holders, mostly clothes but also records and antiques. It also has a lovely little cafe that is well worth a stop at. 

The main room has an impressive selection of vintage clothes but my favourite is the sack room run by the very helpful Malcolm who will chat to you and help you find anything and his room is a real treasure trove so well worth taking your time in. 

I bought a couple of vintage hats that I'll show you once I get some photos done. If you are ever in Lancaster do pop and have a look in this amazing place it's open Tues to sat and another good review is here


  1. Pleased to hear you're getting back up on your feet.

    That market reminds me of a wonderful shop in my college town of Totnes. It was called Revival and I'd always pop in there for a rummage, especially if I had a party coming up. Wonderful.

    Here's a little review of the place I found. :)


  2. Oh, I've been to that shop it's wonderful.