Sunday, 26 February 2012

Greenwich and a Poodle

My Mum was down for a quick visit this weekend and today we popped to Greenwich for breakfast and a wonder. There is a of work going on around the waterfront at the moment to smartening it up and get it all ready for the Olympics but it was such a lovely sunny day we didn't mind and the maritime buildings themselves are untouched, it's just getting to them that is the problem!

Most of the work is going on around the Curry Sark though I think they will be finished soon and I think it's going to be well worth a visit once it's done. 

 We took a walk back through the Clocktower market which has stalls selling antiques and jewellery and all sorts of goodies. My mum bought a lovely silver tea set that looks like an old bee hive and I got me a water jug in the shape of a poodle! 

I know many would call him hideous but I love him, the water comes out his mouth when you pour!

I just have to think of a name for him now!

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  1. I was down at the Clocktower weekend before last and picked up an awesome brooch with three silver fighter planes on it - really futuristic.

    And I think I saw your little dog on one of the stalls too. :)