Friday, 3 February 2012

ZOMG Bloggers Bash.

 On Monday evening I was lucky enough to be involved in the huge ZOMG Bloggers bash for the launch of the new Rockalily Lipstick shade made for London Lip Gloss 

There were almost 200 bloggers invited, all with a name badge!

 Kelly of Hayday Honey was there for all your hair and makeup needs.

I had a selection of my hats for trying out.

Peeping over this rail is Lizzy of Betty Blues Loungerie who had her lovely wares for people to try on.  I had a try of the Nell Robe, it's amazing and I want one to make my sitting round the house so much more glam!

Then you could go have your photo taken in Tigz Rice's pop up studio, the amazing results of which are here.

To top the evening off we were treated to Burlesque by Rubyyy Jones and Miss Banbury Cross, I was need the back so my photos of them were a bit rubbish sorry!
All in all it was a really fun evening and I got to meet lots of lovely ladies, see ReeRee's blog post on the event with lots of good photos and links to other posts here.


  1. That looks such a brill evening! 200 bloggers all in one place. Wow! Glad you had fun.
    I am trying to work out what ZOMG stands for????

    Note to self: must wear more loungewear about the house. Keep glam all the way!

    (I wish...sitting here in an ancient surf fleece and Merrill Ugg-style boots! But they are a baby blue suede tho'!)

    Z xx

    1. Don't worry, I never look like that either I just wish I did!

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